'I was determined to have a velvet green sofa': Cliona shares her retro-inspired living room in Howth

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Amy Mulvaney 09/11/2020
Cliona is a big fan of midcentury modern design.

Each week, we ask someone based in Ireland with a passion for interiors to share one photo of their favourite spot in their home.

This week, Cliona Nic Dhomhnaill (@no.3_terrace) chatted us through her favourite spot in her Howth home: her living room.


What do you love about this part of your home?

I love how cosy this room is. Lighting the fire and sitting down in front of Netflix on a Friday evening is what I look forward to all week!

What’s your favourite object in here and why?

This answer definitely changes on a daily basis but today my favourite object is definitely the burnt orange velvet armchair from Made.com. I love how retro it looks and I think it fits in really well with the rest of the room. 

Be honest: How much tidying did you do before taking this photo?

Luckily not that much. We don’t have many surfaces where we can leave things hanging around – but I will admit I did tidy away two cups of tea and an empty packet of chocolate buttons for the sake of the picture!

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What was your inspiration when you were putting this room together?

The room already had a very rustic and country vibe as you can see from the slate floor and the textured plasterwork on the wall, so I knew we had to honour that styling and find key pieces that would work well in a room like this. I love midcentury modern and found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and knew that aesthetic would really suit this space so we just rolled with it. I was determined to have a velvet green sofa so made sure I got that in and based a lot of our other purchase decisions around that. 

Is there anything in here you’d like to change?

Honestly not really. It’s still a work in progress and there are still some bits here and there that we need to get for the place but I wouldn’t change anything about it, just add to it.

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